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2010 Scott Wehrmann Foundation Horsemanship Clinic Schedule

March 26-28, 2010, Franktown, Colorado
Horsemanship, Roping
Private Clinic

April 30 - May 3, 2010, Blair, Nebraska
Cow Working, Two Rein, Bridle Horse
Private Clinic

May 16, 2010, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
Foundation Horsemanship Clinic
Host Contact - Sherry and John Stone 402-657-3495

July 5, 2010, Blair, NE
Roping, Cow Working, Two Rein, Bridle Horse
Private Clinic

August 13-15 2010, Blair, Nebraska
Colt Starting

Azteca Horses
PRE Andalusian Stallion X AQHA Broodmares

Beautiful, Athletic and Intelligent

We're excited to have Richard Winters back in Nebraska for a three day horsemanship and cow working clinic  Memorial day weekend.  The clinic last year was such a success many riders are returning again this year.  We have added cow working to the clinic and are expecting another great group of riders and a fun weekend with our horses and friends.

We met Richard in 2014 and had a wonderful experience.  Richard and his daughter Sarah were part of a colt starting demonstration at the Nebraska Horse Expo in Lincoln. We had been asked by the Expo to bring four of our three year old Aztecas that had not been previously worked with to the three day horse event.

I cannot express how impressed I was with both Richard and Sarah, and their approach to the horses and to people as well. They had just one hour each of the three days to spend with the horses. In a very short time the first day, they had their horses caught, haltered, saddled, and carrying a rider in a 50' round pen, then out into the big arena. The second day was a repeat of the first, with snaffle bits added in. The horses were moving out smooth and quiet at a walk, trot, and lope, bending and following their noses, easing into up and down transitions, and just having a great time themselves. By the end of the third day they were moving cattle around a very large arena, ears and eyes and minds forward, handling some roping preparation, becoming very willing and responsive and relaxed. When we returned them to their stalls at the Event Center each day they were quiet, calm, content, and miles ahead because of the experience. When we returned each morning they were wanting to go learn more.  

Although we did not participate in Richard's horsemanship class that weekend, we did watch carefully. Richard had a terrific approach to people and their individual needs, and found a way to help each of them. He left each horse and rider team much like he did our colts..... calm, relaxed, growing in confidence and wanting to learn more.