Welcome to the Double Diamond Ranch

We strive to produce horses that are ideal candidates for becoming true “Straight Up” bridle horses in the Californio tradition. Everything…….their environment, breeding, socialization within the herd and with humans, their education beginning with their very first human contact is done with this in mind. 

Our horses live in a natural herd environment on open grassland year around. The broodmares and foals, older geldings, and the stallion all peacefully coexist. Mares foal unassisted in the pastures, and our herd stallion Cicerone is turned out with them for breeding. Youngsters learn all they need to know about being a polite, respectful horse from their herd mates. Clean grass, water, and air are all they need to grow healthy and strong. They learn to move confidently over rough terrain from their first steps. Here in the Great Plains summer heat and winter blizzards are a fact of life to be endured.  

We believe that our approach has produced a line of horses that is uniquely talented. They were born to be bridle horses.  

The broodmare band is based on the foundation Quarter Horse lines of Poco Bueno and Peppy San Badger with some influence of Doc Bar. They are good, solid ranch horses. They were born and raised here at the ranch and will live out their lives here.  

Cicerone is a 1999 PRE or Pura Raza Espanol Andalusian.  He was imported from Spain in 2005 from a family of horses of the Yeguada Militar lines. He is a finished bridle horse himself, and has proven to be the sire we had been searching for. He is a quiet gentleman but can turn on the fire when asked.  

Our Azteca foals inherit his bold confidence, but also are very people-oriented. The grace and elegance in carriage and movement of a bridle horse is something that comes naturally to them. They have great stamina and physical strength, but with quiet, sensible minds.  

Periodically we gather the herd to handle each mare and foal, vaccinate and deworm. We show them that human contact and halters and ropes are not to be feared, but help them learn. The movements and flexions of a true bridle horse are built in from the beginning without pressure or conflict.

Groundwork , getting started riding, exposure to cow working, roping, or challenging situations are presented in a way that steadily increases confidence in themselves and their rider. As they progress each new step is built on the ones that came before, and is taken with the next steps in mind.

We spend time with yearlings getting them used to being around people, trucks, trailers, tractors, all sorts of potentially scary situations for them. We give them little refreshers on the halter and lead rope, maybe pony them along on a few rides.  

Two year olds are very lightly started, so they can move out confidently at all gaits with a saddle and rider, move all four feet all four directions in balance. We take care not to stress them physically, mentally, or emotionally, yet set them up for the next stages of their education.

Please feel free to write or call. We love to make new friends in the horse world.

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