Azteca Horses
PRE Andalusian Stallion X AQHA Broodmares

Beautiful, Athletic and Intelligent
The Azteca Horse

The AMCCRA's Representation
of the Perfect Azteca

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The Azteca's strength and spirit flood forth from its physical appearance. The neck is slightly arched and pronounced to show off the muscles. The back is short and rounds up to a broad croup (the highest point of the hindquarters). An Azteca's strong legs are highlighted by hardy joints and healthy hooves. As for decoration, the mane and tail are long and flowing, the ears are small and pricked, and any solid coat color is permitted.

Because the Azteca is so agile and fast, it excels at any sport that requires speed and a quick response to commands. They are just as comfortable in the bull ring as they are at dressage - a type of horse ballet that exhibits training and movement. Due to its speed and tractability, the Azteca is also a popular choice for polo and rodeo. Though proud, brave, and spirited, it is its willingness and geniality that really make this horse so versatile.

A contemporary breed, the Azteca was officially registered in 1972. It is the combination of three lines; the Iberian horse, the American Quarter Horse, and the Argentinian Criollo. The breed, now the official horse of Mexico, was developed in Mexico through a complex breeding program that applies certain designations depending on a horse's ancestry. For example, an Azteca A may be an Azteca B + D cross (that is, 5/8 Spanish and 3/8 Quarter Horse).