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Azteca Horses
PRE Andalusian Stallion X AQHA Broodmares

Beautiful, Athletic and Intelligent

AQHA Broodmares
The mares live out on the pastures year round with plenty of green grass, clean air and water.  They stay lean and healthy and strong roaming the pastures and foraging.   

The old foundation blood from mares with breeding back  to Poco Bueno and Peppy San Badger  is the basis of our breeding program.  

The mares are linebred back to these great stallions in an effort to preserve the traits that we find so desirable......natural cow sense and desire, strong, sound, muscular frames, a quiet intelligence, a horse full of "try". 

Each year we have an eye out for a filly we think may be a valuable addition to the broodmare band.  We'll let her grow and develop for a few years.  When she is started she needs to be naturally athletic, talented and willing.  When she has proven herself she will take her place with the older mares.      
The 2009 foals will be registered with International Andalution Lucitano Horse Association ( IALHA) and the Americain Azteca Horse International Association (AAHIA).  

These foals will have the grace,  strength and endurance of their PRE Andalusian sire Cicerone and the performance and athleticism of  cutting and reined cow horses with breeding back  to Poco Bueno and Peppy San Badger.   Each year one or two special foals will be chosen to stay at the ranch and begin the long training process to become fine bridle horses like their sires.
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An Azteca foal (PRE Andalusian X AQHA Quarter Horse) being born, getting up, first steps and nursing for the first time.