Azteca Horses
PRE Andalusian Stallion X AQHA Broodmares

Beautiful, Athletic and Intelligent
Our Goal
Our ultimate goal is to produce a high quality  truly versatile that can compete at the big events or on the weekends,  hold down a "real" job on a farm or ranch, and be steady and reliable for the kids after school. 

Our Philosophy
Our horses live in a natural herd environment on our ranch. Weanlings and yearlings learn proper social skills and manners from the stallions, broodmares and geldings.  They roam the ranch pastures and become familiar with the terrain, weather changes and the sights and sounds they will experience in their new homes.   We try and match each horse with just the right owner based on your goals and offer extended visits at our home for you to ride and evaluate selected horses.

Our Horses
Our horses come from a long line of top Andalusian and Quarter Horse competitors in events such as reining, cutting, reined cowhorse and roping.   They are highly athletic and capable of competing with today's leading contenders they are especially talented in western dressage and working equitation given their fluid lateral movements and long strides.   They have a quiet confidence, are soft and responsive, calm and accepting in many different situations.

Come visit us today and see why our horses are so special. 

1999 PRE Andalusian
Imported, Spain 2005

What is an Azteca Horse